Tour – Could Be Last Chance

LAST CHANCE to see it nearly as Pat last saw it…. Meet adjacent to the NW corner of Onate High School, just past the closed barriers at the entrance to the school.

9:00 am — Depart from Onate High School in your car, town car OK. Drive about one mile off-road. If you arrive late, follow us southerly under the two-poled power line.

Park about 3/4 mile from the site. Talk and then walk.

Easy Walk on two-track road. There is one deep-cut gully that stops most cars, possibly jeep and short over-hang off-road cars can cross. There is limited parking at the site.

BRING water, wide brim hat, long sleeves and trousers, sturdy walking shoes, camera.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast: To be similar to the day Pat was murdered – killed. The high temperature on Pat’s last day was 74 degrees.

2 Responses to “Tour – Could Be Last Chance”

  1. CAL Says:

    Tour went much as planned. But, we added a stop at the two cemeteries where Pat was buried, then across the street to the Masonic Cemetery.

  2. Michael E. Pitel Says:

    Did anyone GPS the Garrett Murder Site marker to pin down its exact location, in case “something happens”?

    Has the developer agreed in writing to save the site? How big a “site” will be preserved? Will a portion of the former San Augustin-to-Las Cuces/Mesilla and Dona Ana Road be preserved at this site, too?