East Mesa Development

The Las Cruces Sun News has a detailed article on the proposed development of the East Mesa, which includes the Vistas at Presidio II subdivision that contains the Pat Garrett marker. .

The total acreage being proposed for development on the East Mesa is 5,920.7 acres. This consists of 2 subdivisions, The Vistas at Presidio I and The Vistas at Presidio II.

3 Responses to “East Mesa Development”

  1. CAL Says:

    The City will hear in-put from citizens about the 6,000 acre development east of town.

    That development includes the Pat Garrett site monument we are trying to save. And, visible yet is the old wagon road. The little monument was built by Jarvis Garrett at considerable labor because there was no road at that time.

    Join us … need a large group to impress the Councilors.

  2. CAL Says:

    TODAY at the Las Cruces City Council meeting the meeting gathered in-put from citizens. Mainly, there was concern about not enough water for current residents. Las Cruces has for years had water rationing in the summer months. Imagine the water shortage if another 160,000 people were in the one proposed proposed sub division.

    So far, can not arouse any sympathy for preserving the Garrett site.

  3. CAL Says:

    TODAY – I had a phone call from a staff member of the Developer. Staff advised me the Developer does have plans to preserve the site. Staff said the final plan is not made, but they do plan to retain and protect the monument. See photos by David Thomas on this web site. As yet, they have no firm plan as how to proceed, but will include me in the loop as they progress.

    I extended an offer to Staff to accompany them to the site and tell them the history of Pat and the shooting that day, and the importance of Pat to New Mexico history.

    Additionally TODAY = By chance I was in a waiting room in which one of our councilors was waiting and he sat by me to chat. He complimented me on the Garrett presentation to Council last Monday. He told me he had forwarded my Email to councilors about saving the Garrett site; he forwarded it to Phillipou with a note: “You have just struck gold.” Meaning the value in name recognition for his development.

    Gotta have hope.